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You Can Get There from Here

Grab your keys. Head toward the edge
of town. As soon you hit dirt
you’re starting. Starting back.
Think of the older wheels
that traveled these roads – early
cars, wagons. Think hooves.
Feet. Look at the trees – now second
or third or fourth or fifth growth,
diamonds of blue sky
in the interstices. Breathe.
You want to live here, even
consider selling your townhome
and renting a place. Become
a part-time farmhand.
You go to the cemetery
of your great-to-the-fourth
grandfather, listen to the trees
sway. You go down the road
to the cemetery of his grandson,
your great-great, and watch
the hills fall away into farmland,
just as he would have seen.
You’ve waited years
to get to this place where
you want to be with them, where you
realize the only way to touch them
is to breathe in the sweet grass
nodding beside the old farmhouses,
and walk the roads they walked,
every muddy step of the way.


The window hangs
a new painting every day.
Today is the patient green
of cedar frond and choke cherry
leaf as the sun explains
the meaning of frost
and the thin fingers of maples
and elms write their graffiti
on the sky, which even
a passing cloud can't erase.

Three Haiku

the short night –
an old couple drinking tea
on the porch

open window –
“Sentimental Journey”
mingles with fireflies

Monday morning
lowering the anchor
of the tea ball


Jennifer Burd, Ypsilanti, Michigan


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