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Issue Numbe 27

Ann Arbor review

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Richard Gartee
Fahredin Shehu
Steve Barfield
Silvia Scheibli
Laszlo Slomovitz
Shutta Crum
Running Cub
Sodiq O. Alabi
Stephen Sleboda
Alan Britt
Aneek Chatterjee
John Grey
Michael Lee Johnson
Robert Nisbet
Jennifer Burd
Alica Mathias
Roo Bardookie
Gale Acuff
Alex Ferde
Fred Wolven

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AAR history note:  in print 1967 - 1980.  Irregular publications 1980 - 2004.  As ezine 2004 - present. Most of 52 years all together....

Francis Ferde
Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub

Fred Wolven

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Time Koan

Without the heavens
there are no stars.
Without stars,
without sun,
without moon,
what time is it?



To be famous,
a “Somebody” in the public’s minds
coin easily squandered,
a fiction time forgets.Infamy, however, is

like that piece of toilet paper
stuck on the sole of your shoe,
which trails after you
as you leave a public restroom.


Sense and Probability
(after Plato)

The world as created,
is apprehended by our senses.
Fashioned after the eternal pattern;
an eternal pattern can be
spoken of with certainty.
The created copy can only be described
in the language of probability.



Richard Gartee, Gainsville, Florida


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