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Let it be one night more

On the dark muslin of the night
and the evaporating ouch disperses throughout
It was someone galloping with heavy brocade apparel and overdone
jewelry from the feet to the head top
that broke my silence for far too long
I utterly in awe exclaimed for God's sake:

"Let it be one night more...
only one night to prolong life and
leave all elixirs, balms and cures behind
all hexes, potions and casted oaths
throughout either
that one day I will become!"

..yet I became a Talismanic Temple of Grandeur
to be ruined by earthquakes, temptations, pleasures and delights,
and in this mossy ruin one could find a solace 
for only one day more
pardon me
One more night of survival.





Fahredin Shehu, Pristina, Kosova















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