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On a Mote of Dust

“. . . a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.
     Carl Sagan

Is it hubris to think one’s life important?
I am, after all, a placeholder.
As is the word “I” or “am.”
As is any word a placeholder for meaning.

I am here, on this mote, suspended in a sunbeam.
The blue of Earth, in the churn of time—
a blink of water and rock.
A placeholder grounded in my heart.

And this poem . . . a little placeholder
for a moment’s rambling. No epiphanies.
Only a stretching of the mind
in a body that’s rooted in space.


He Tells Me He Loves Another

The waters of the creek are tannin suffused.
I can’t see the bottom—and on the shore
there’s a hole opening, my feet are sliding in.

Leaves twist in the sluggish current,
not knowing which way to go.
When I turn to you, I see you have already gone
into that lone cerebral country
where landscape is logical and merciless.

You will trample over the precisely laid-out fields
of your mind until you’ve found a few weedy words
to yank out—roots and all, to offer me


Shutta Crum, Ann Arbor, Michigan


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