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AAR history note:  in print 1967 - 1980.  Irregular publications 1980 - 2004.  As ezine 2004 - present. Most of 51 years all together....


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I donít create poetry    

to crowd
dusty layers of the human brain.  
These dwell on  
pages of a poetry book,  
laptop or the glorious cubicle
of the famed library.  
My verse rides in a bicycle to the red light
or barren fields  undiscovered in dreamy pride.  
The agony of anguished tires, iron chains, or
does not cover the gamut of wisdom, id.  
Insomniac nights for a stupid & discarded line, 
finally placed in the cleavage of your breast
are not mentioned in the curriculum. 
How long will the list go?
When the footpath cries for the destitute,
the road does not go through my university  



Frequently, I come across a wanderer;
Frequently I visit a garden & find
feast of colours & a lonely onlooker.
Iíve seen him in hills & deserts,
in markets & pubs.
Iíve seen him on endless roads,
trudging along, lonely.  

Frequently, I come across a wanderer
inside the concrete walls;
glass mirror.



Iím looking for a foolish person
who is happy like a pig
(someone said, only pigs can be happy).
Whoís wild like a storm, and tastes
delicious on my
clever tongue.
Who laughs loud, looks at my eyes

without blinking  

Iím looking for a foolish person
in a sea of blinking eyes
for some straight, naked rays
to scan me, friends.


Fire, hundred miles away

I close my eyes in extreme comfort
& pleasure.
Fire, hundred miles away touches
my eyelids, cornea
& says, you have no dream
left to be burned



Aneek Chatterjee,  Kolkata, India


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