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when Iím nearly standing on it;
it is not so easy to accomplish as one might think;
in fact the last time I tried and succeeded was
several years ago as an assignment for a non-credit
course at the University of Michigan,
the same institution wherein I also took a non-credit
course in Black Literature from a very learned professor!

So, on a day off from my daily academic grind I drove
from Ann Arbor to Saginaw, the boyhood hometown
of Theodore Roethke, a master of capturing the essence
of everything small from creatures to objects.
In those days I only had a well-used hand-held
Kodak box camera borrowed from my mother.

Mind you with no necessary adjusting of fancy lenses
nor standing just right to use cloud cover nor turning
to take advantage of available shade, I learned in the
process of doing exactly what to do, and the photo
turned out near perfect.  Long since lost in lack of file
drawers, I do remember the clear contrast of the exact
coloring in the detail edge of the leafís sharp green
as if I had painted it with its watercolor like contrasting
standout from the hillside background against which
it gently moved in the soft afternoon breeze.

Sometimes a onetime effort turns out with a near
masterpiece feeling hard to ever replicate, and believe
you me I have attempted to do so over the years.
Ah, even Roethke would be pleased with like results.
For, contrary to Albert Camusís note, writers worth
their weight, always have much to teach and learn
as long as they continue writing at any age in time.


Fred Wolven, Souheastern Florida



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