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Fred Wolven


Touch lightly the first fragile strand
find another
this one trails into darkness
           the next
into light
another into mist

follow the stand and it transforms
becomes more complex
a chamber
a cell
a thing unto itself

this cell is part of another
and another

touch and reach
to see a pattern
each cell tighter
more complete than the last

intrigued by knowing

The web vibrates
waves of recollection

well snared by your seeking
her presence
will find you

you can go no further
coupled to cells and strands that are too small

realization is fragile
and comes apart with the wind


You arrived like the first peach of summer
           Sweet and delicate
A treasure
           Too soon gone


a distant river
dark and swift
flowing through caves
cracked boulders and eddys

I'll build a boat
fashioning limbs
trunk of white pine
weave rope
           juniper fiber
a sail of skins
          drag it over rocks and roots

legends, dreams and petrographs provide insight
a course will be laid on birch paper
stars and moss will point the way
hidden turns and landmarks
          must be carved into the hull

come morning
          in a calm pool
I'll launch the boat and load the gear
head into the white current
round the first bend
steer away from shore
into the mist
the journey is on

Gerald Clark, Ann Arbor

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