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Lisa Schmidt
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Tolu Ogunlesi



Woman    rivulet    the beginning
of a tributary    pushing head first
through a small opening    in purple earth  

thoughts   a light rain    undercurrent
unsettled    face a collage of red   brown
yellow leaves    bones as flexible    as tadpoles

is impulse    prone to interruption    stresses
those who teem with her    punctures bubbles
punctuates moods    looks for wonder     words

pushes sound:   p-p-polly   w-w-wog    f-f-frog
her tongue hooking commas around the dropped roots
of willows    she becomes creek    pulls dark grooves

from blushing stones    plays the blues by ear
wears an invisible skin of sun        time widens
her hips    she carves a path through red clay

drinks seasons of falling runoff    becomes river
spreads long legs   seduces heron   hawk  falcon  eagle
the magnificent birds of water    men

drawn to her unknowable flow    they strut
swan    but river disturbs their equilibrium
grows rash and reedy   debones fish stories

man leans into her    his image swirling
in rushing waters swollen with pride   the river
claiming   carrying away the past   drunk on metaphor

look up  the silhouette of a bird soars  dips  shears
the Tittabasassee  rises  becomes cloud  light rain
on the crevice opening in purple earth


Will Dad be sleeping with me tonight?
my mother asks as I make up her bed.
I stare at her.  She asks again.  I know
the answer, but I'm not sure how to say it.
No, Dad won't be sleeping with you tonight.
She shakes her head, What a funny thing
for me to ask,
she says.  Why, of course not.
Dad's been dead twenty years, don't I know that?


Chris Lord, Ann Arbor



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