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Francis Ferde
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Wake up in the fuchsia light
of morning without anything
from the previous day
hanging over.

Wake up without
a preconceived way
today should unfold.

Wake up with appreciation
of the unfolding experiences
that appear as your eyes open.

Wake up and live fully
what the day will be
then sleep without anticipation
the next new morning.



She was like ice at the point of melting,
ephemeral, impossible to pick up.

He was like negative space in art,
unseen, though it surrounded her
and defined her edges.

Rubinís illusion
Two faces or a single vase,
that described their relationship,
in black and white.

They met on a cold spring day
that should have been hot.
Flowers that had opened early
in the warm Southern light
shivered and shriveled
at the unseasonable change.

She, who could bring
an unconscious room
to life by entering it,
was like troubled waters.

He, with no desire to be newly fashioned,
found himself to be fresh dirt in the hands
of an eager landscaper.

Life together promised to be a lush valley
between high mountains,
but every raindrop and snowflake
sooner or later slides downward;
and rough waters are not quieted
by flash floods and avalanches.



Richard Gartee, Gainesville, Florida


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