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Francis Ferde
Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub

Fred Wolven

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A small house in the road with a heroe’s name

Everytime I enter into her brest

To me the road up to there is shown by stars

The day a book with light up front


My time water, air and soil

Grows me as very young

In the play of life played in the stage


In my time is written

This book

Is raised this statue

Has been born this kid

The bells are falling early                   






One day the flower blossomed in a vase

It greened my view

From the room where you can see the road

Through which is coming my child


That I don’t have another job

Including you at every morning

Of the water with sweet water

With a sacred water


And when the flower blossomed in the window

I said what is the value of it when you have no feet

To come after me, beauty

At the roads where roofs emerge



And at night awakened with many blossoming flowers

Through its paths

The water turns into green





From The Shining Songs




While emerging from the body

He squeezes his quietness in goodness

The word shot

Shots at the target of manhood


As a bird shrunk in rain

At the end of the room

You say that quietness is equal to existence

When its emerges is known

That work demands it anyhow


While searching justice at times

Departed with stars at those times  

Where an unpassed mountain grins





Engjell I. Berisha, Kosovo


        Translated by Peter Tase, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 


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