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Tolu Ogunlesi
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Jumoke Verissimo
Running Cub
Jeanpaul Ferro
S. P. Flannery
Kristina Marie Darling
Gary Beck
Dike Okoro
Karyn M. Wolven


With your mirror broken
the ugliness still remains,
still drives your war machine,
people avert their still eyes
from that gorgon gaze
only to succumb to your lies,
the slander, the treason dripping
from hideous cracked lips
without teeth to grip reality
you gum soft issues
to regurgitate to the populace,
placate some, but
not all listen, they look
without fear and smile
in defiance to let
you know we still think
you are a group of ugly women.


S. P. Flannery, Madison, Wisconsin



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