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As I walk into this morning
of gentle yellow heat
I can smell the French bread
as women and children
bicycle past me
the over brown loaves
from wire baskets.

Turning the corners
I find the abandoned streets,
cracked, upturned sidewalks,
white-washed house fronts,
and the flapping of wet clothes
on weatherworn banisters.

And I think of you, miles away
opening book after book
searching for yourself
in the darkness
of your poems.

I stop to pet a cat
sleeping on a sunlit porch.
One eye opens, closes.
He stretches
in and out
of a dream.

My hair lifts
in the ocean breeze
brushing my face
as I wander toward
Whitehead Street.
I wonder if Hemingway
ever read Roethke?

Karyn M. Wolven, Biscayne Park, Florida


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