Ann Arbor Review


Shutta Crum
Paul B. Roth
Laszlo Slomovits
Duane Locke
Felino Soriano
Chris Lord
Jerry Blanton
Carmen Firan
Amelia Makinano
Connie Stadler
Fred Wolven
Duane Locke
Tolu Ogunlesi
Running Cub
Joanie Freeman
Gerald Clark
Karyn M. Wolven
Holly Day
Dike Okoro
Fred Wolven


We welcome darkness to this
radiant feast.  A fresh dream
starts down from an old man's
mountain of memories, and its

water says to seeds, time to grow.
Time to break, to know the light-
fed rain as it falls.  Living, riding
this giant wave, seeing on what

shore it lands.  Looking back,
these lives like clear glass cups,
pouring and being poured into,
waiting for light to be shining

through.  Darkness offers its old
assurance: Your broken wheel
will bring you home. 
I wanted
to be there when my mother died,

alone in the dark, the way she
was there when I was born
in the light.  Dying, riding this
giant wave, seeing on what

shore it lands.  And for this
we need more darkness
than the sky can afford
tonight.  Raising the cup,

full or empty, turning it upside
down, we welcome darkness
to the table.  Songs poured from
star to star nourish the ground.

Laszlo Slomovits, Ann Arbor


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