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Thank you Beth and Dad

Entering into the room with lights dim and the music soft,
Mats with bodies scattered around the floor,
A slender woman with gentle words begins to share
The passing of her mother who she held dear.

The instructions were to dedicate the practice
To a loss, someone or something that has left.
With each breath, to feel what is written to feel.
My dedication went out to the first man of my life.

As we moved from pose to pose I felt the
Strength I received those years gone by.
The nurturing I now give to myself rooted
In words and actions that was taught well.

In the practice, feeling more my body than my mind.
Releasing my dedication to my Dad as life seems to do,
I moved from pose to pose, focusing my moves,
Focusing my thoughts on the physical motions.

The session had ended with a final relaxation,
A letting go of mind and body to leave me with
The gentle sense and deep connection to this man.
My loss was many years ago, yet how strong I felt

In my mind and in my being, as I got swept off the floor,
Eyes closed yet there I am swirling around in space,
In the embrace of his strong arms and loving presence,
Rekindling the special connection that time has erased.

 Joanie Freeman, Virginia & ....


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