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Perhaps you talked to me too much about your hawk
the one sitting on the electric wires running between
poles lining the country-like road alongside your
development.  Now I think this bird of prey,
very gentle in my forefathers' lore, has entered
my space, entering my world as already in yours.

In the summer months, when heat was more,
I remember encountering a small rattlesnake
just off the edge of the trail that encircles
the small lake in the next region.  It was not
posed to strike, nor was it sunning itself.
Perhaps it only wanted to rest in between
movements, between searches for its prey.

Do I have enough in common with these two
creatures, these two often times victims of
human progress or the advance of civilization,
to associate with them, to somehow become
one with them, live in harmony without
wondering why or not knowing just how?

Running Cub, Everglades


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