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As if he's thrown his toned body
into the lush grass,
like a lame stone flying.
To see those muscular thighs--
what if he were to land on our nose!
I had to ask myself why
he should dangle on
that mossy rock like that.  He
was intimidating.
See, see if you understand the
watercolor stripes he's
proudly sporting.
The burn in his throat,
I see nothing more mighty.
You care nothing for
his youthful eyes that plead
for a life smooth
as your favorite Kraft Cheese?
Wife, abandon this frog.
I am not a seasoned hunter--
let's chase something else.
I'm just a few meters from him--
wake up, big frog.
I'm holding the blue bucket,
running, like a mad crab
towards him.
As if he would plunge into
the sound of the dull water now!
There I go.
There he goes.


 Amit Parmessur, Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius


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