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Francis Ferde
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      On the wild rocks I watch periwinkles,
And cuss ships, my foes since you left the land.
I croon to the wind about our first kiss
      On the wild rocks! I watch periwinkles
Slither like waves that soothe me with their bliss.
Why did you have to flee and leave me cold
On the wild rocks? I watch periwinkles,
      And cuss ships, my foes, since you—left the land.


A Psalm

 Come on, make me your dough and devour me;
     Whip me with the travel lines of your palm,
The muddier, murkiest it can be.
      Come on make me your dough and devour me.
Despite your barbaric, will I won’t flee;
      I’ve learnt to make you my satanic psalm,
Come on! Make me your dough— and devour me!
Whip me with the travel lines of your palm!


The Ghetto Girl

These shacks look pretty, pretty safe and snug.
She must have gone out; how I miss her glow.
Whose little shack this is? I think I know.
We all need to give up on our ego
The way I gave that ghetto girl a hug.
Whose little shack this is? I think I know.
These shacks look pretty pretty, safe, and snug!



Amit Parmessur, Quatre-Bornes Mauritus, UK



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