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Francis Ferde
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Swansea Bay and the town ahead of us,

the road back to Mumbles Pier behind.

The first café has lifted its shutters

but the waitress is no hi-guy lady.

Her smile icicles a stalactite’s track

from our orders to menu to pad. 


Beyond the street lies fable’s aura,

up the bay, where once were our university,

the bookshops, pubs, bespectacled girls

(and many pretty-sexy ones),

as there were literature and rhetoric,

promises made to an uncertain future

and the dances at the end of the pier.


A boy and girl biker, back from the pier maybe,

scratch match, his fag flares, he gobs well.

An early chapelgoer totes her hymnbook past.

But nothing disconnects.

In the tilt of the girl biker’s head

I see the pretty-sexy girls at the pier dances,

renewal and a first time round.





Robert Nisbet, Haverfordwest, Wales.




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