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Francis Ferde
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This page 
that greets me everyday
by lifting and waving 
any one of its corners

holds its breath
at each slow  or fast
approach of my hand

as if drawn in
by the sagging inhalation
of its parallel blue lines

where the  mere touch
of  ink or graphite
to its own wordless skin

in pursuit of 
one letter after another's
syllabic consciousness

makes it flinch and insist
I not only make 
the best of its blank coloration

but go as far 
beyond its  red  lined   margins 
as  possible



Take the darkness
through which
each written word
needs to be seen,

shake it, squeeze it, 
cork it 
inside  a blue - tinted
wine bottle 
thatís long come unglued 
from its imported label

and then put it aside 
that if  uncorked , 
its bouquet will spread
like nightfall along the blue bowl
of an oceanís green rim

which is why
when  first decanting  it
you'll want to be
careful no  spill age sounds

the way its name's
invoked  by  connoisseurs 
who  live to  swish
and  spit it out in buckets

no matter how fleeting
or how subordinate to time 
they are as are all things: 



Paul B. Roth, Fayetteville, New York

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