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(Life is severe.)
                  ~Duane Locke

Staying alive is exhausting.
It just is.


(For Paul B. Roth)

The white bud
that oozes forth
with blind tissues
like coral tentacles
strains against dusk
for days
until out pops
a diminutive melancholy
& parrot green.

But this little
scorpion of fruit,
this molecule
of sun
every word
drifting aimlessly
across the cypress swamp
of my brain.

So, do I shiver
like a Japanese maple
during a summer gust,
or do I melt
like a slug
on a July Maryland sidewalk
into a pool
of absence?

Actually, Iím quite
content to rummage
the barracuda
wedding gown of amnesia
for that capricious
chameleon whoís been
known to emerge
from random droughts
at the whimsical
of a hat.



I have nothing if I donít have youó
Iíd collapse my skull beneath your
octopi tentacles stalactiting my
if thatís what it takes.

Thatís fair.
But, still, Iím an explorer whoís
found himself in the middle
of some alien typhoon & holding
on for dear life, for crying out loud,
holding on for dear life,
for crying out loud.



Stronger than the pitchmanís geometric
tie jackhammering his gig line.

Stronger than faith which sometimes
contains the force of ten tsunamis.

Stronger than fortune teller Wall Street
or fortune teller Wall Street Congress.

Stronger than catbird feathers cooking-
spray-peeled from the sticky pads of fate.

Stronger than strong. Stronger than what
anyone expected, except the top 2%

armed with the most classified seedling
of all: knowledge before the fact. Think

where weíd be if everyone had knowledge
before the fact. Okay, facts donít exist,

but knowledge before the event? Think
about that.


Alan Britt, Reisterstown, Maryland


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