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These days we often contract good morning
to morning, removing the benediction
and merely stating the obvious time of day.

So how delightful to realize the innate
optimism and generosity of good morning
in Spanish — buenos dias — good days —

a greeting which would become nonsense
if cut short, as it blesses not only this day
but also untold open-ended tomorrows,

as if to make sure we’re covered if we never
meet again, and both of us live forever.



the toddler raising arms
universal for pick me up 

the worshipper in praise
or prayer    pick me up

the mourner beaten down
into prostration     pick me up

the soldier in surrender
the athlete in victory

the arms uplifted upraised
outstretched     exultant

or thrown up in puzzlement
or disgust      varying

by how high they’re lifted
elbows bent or straight

hands clenched or open
which way the palms face

waving wildly or still
lovers meeting     embracing

giving themselves to one
another      pick me up



Laszlo Slomovits, Ann Arbor, Michigan


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