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Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
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The nightís sounds arenít so much
the absence of any human traffic
as the lack of mechanized vehicles.
Here in the middle of a muggy night
even the owls are resting peacefully

On rare occasions a solitary plane,
passing high overhead,
emits a low hum all its own
during its passage in between
the harvest moon, stars and
distant planets. Out of sight,
lost in the lack of light,
black holes in space
fold into the universe
disguising possible further
life within even more holes
and probably other universes.

How might we connect with
the various aspects, the elements,
known and unknown, more obscured
than not, within the emptiness
of this one more night? Is this
part of what Einstein was about
in his treatment of relativity
and matter? Did Lady Macbeth
have trouble only with failing
to remove those damn spots?

It never really was about
whether the chicken got across
the road or if it preceded the egg.
Even Eve enjoyed the apple too,
the writer said, or so I am told.



Alex Ferde, Ireland

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