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June, along La Furieuse river, France

The man slammed the car door and spoke
to the woman still belted to the passenger seat,

said, ďOK, fine, but what do you want?Ē She gave
him nothing, not a word of reply.

Only an obvious simmer. I pulled away from
the gas station, and waiting in the empty

of my own car was my answer for him:
the rise of a swallow as the sun breaches

the morning horizon of a long dusty field,
when everything is open, when the world

becomes small again, when itís possible
to hold onto a single idea long enough to finish it.



Suppose you press hard
on the gas pedal again. A body

at 80 kilometers an hour is
both at rest and alert. Until

the black cat with the mouse
in her jaws crosses you

with a different kind of escape.
The light bends over your car

as you brake for her, as you
marvel at the shadow line of her fur,

at her soft paws and sharp teeth
as she achieves the safety

of a barnís embrace. You will think
how easily you might have killed her,

and know that you, too, have done this
before. Gauged the distance. Fled.



Michelle Bailat-Jones, St. Legier, Switzerland



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