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Francis Ferde
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Has it come to this again?

Sitting on the couch, reading

without seeing the words, just flipping

through the pages, covered with white

light and stale wisdom,

lonely in this house in the middle

of this huge world,

as the snowflakes begin to fall like ashes;

time continues to elapse as

the night slowly crushes in the window

and soon enough everything around

is veiled in darkness,

but then the only light in the room

comes from the vase on the table

with the single yellow begonia in it

and I continue to read undisturbed.




When You Ask me About it




empty fields without fences


you smoke a cigarette at the window

in delight

Something about the silence makes me



and I always expect after that some violence

to erupt


The Japanese diver dives for the pearl

in the endless smile of the ocean

among timelessness and serenity


Pearl and smoke


Constellations and star dust –

that is the name of all


Fire always precedes everything


   even the beginning.



Peycho Kanev, Bulgaria and Chicago, Illinois


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