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the image of a horse
flying in childhood
made me two wings
& i flew over the ashes
all dear pyres in June
& in december
& in august & april
I descended sometimes to
smell ashes,
probably in may or january
i can’t remember
Dear black ashes smiled
burnt wood murmured :
come down to earth
set warmth again in the ash
shivering in cold
come to the river & woods
you’d find black, cold ashes  
Leave a tango in the air
nothing had changed 
since you soared high
from dear ashes  
on ground

now i fly on four wings,
instead of the earlier two   


A Gift

Ice cream melted & turned  
into a river
Water was warm, unlike
the earlier incarnation
When I planned a swim,
the river asked for a
gift, --- a lullaby, a libation
I was unable to offer

Cold water slowly sipped
into my spine, ---
a gift from the river



Aneek Chatterje, Kolkata, India



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