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I am the little Granny!
Oh, I am! Now I am!
I watched those grannies
from my childhood years.
I saw their laughter lines
upon their soft skinned faces.
I saw their burrows of hard lines
digging deep into their expressions.

We shared our times with stories.
Their stories of events long past.
They took me in and held me tight.
I observed from my youthful innocence.
Wandering through their tails of life.
From day to day and night to night.
I saw them, I sat with them,
I laughed with them and felt with them.

Oh, now, I am, the little granny
with those lines of laughter and tears.
I have my fill of stories to share.
Am I drowning in my years?
Those years past by so quickly.
I still feel the tickle of my youth.
Here I am as those of my past
holding onto life with MY tales.

Looking out to the future I won't share.


Joanie FreemanCharlottesville, Virginia

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