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AAR history note:  in print 1967 - 1980.  Irregular publications 1980 - 2004.  As ezine 2004 - present. Most of 54 years all together....


Francis Ferde
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A night before the Eclipse if all memories arranged in a stripe
as transparent as breath and  all wands and daggers
I got through my forty-seven appeared
when I listen to gurgling water from
the fountain nearby all that remains is  a glimpse of time
on the peak of my upper ear.
Perhaps the seventh sense we sense not.
Stargazing fellow I became all of a sudden
 'cause the fear caused a vortex in my being- bringing
all lifetime horror up in the surface of the visible
yet I ought to live an urban eremite life in the visible-acoustic smog
for far too long…longer than a lifespan of a Terran
for a way too happy than the lifestyle of a tycoon progeny
for a night more blessed than a thousand months
 is a threshold of the other side
with the rainbow color emanation.




Fahredin Shehu, Pristina, Kosova 




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