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I'll be dead soon, I mean as time goes as
compared to Eternity, I guess that's
so long that there's no time to it at all
or it runs deeper than longer, I mean
that I'm ten years old now and even if
I die at 75 that's nothing
compared to how old God is, that is if
He gets older at all which would mean that
He used to be young, at church they tell me
that He's eternal but I'm not and yet
my Sunday School teacher says that my soul
is, is eternal she swears, and I know
all about bodies, how they rot, roadkill
for instance, and the buzzards eat it up.


I want to go to Heaven when I die

but not a moment sooner, life on Earth
has got to be better else why have I
spent ten years so far at it and counting
and the problem with going to Heaven
is that you've got to get dead first, at church
they tell me not to worry about it,
when I die I might feel some pain but not
for long, they hope, then when I wake up dead
I'll be a new man but not of course if
I die soon and I can't be a new man
because I'm not one right now so that's just
a figure of speech, they are some of those
in the Bible, too, so that ought to tell
me something. I wonder exactly what.


On Fire for the Lord

When I die I guess they'll bury me since
at our church they don't burn you up, I mean
cremation, that's a sin, they just wait for
Satan to do that, most folks they say go
to Hell anyway, to get to Heaven
you have to be some special sort of good,
which I'm not, for ten years old I sin like
a son of a gun and if I last long
enough to be old, say 45, then
croak my soul won't even bother to rise
to Heaven to be judged, we'll just go straight
to Hell and save God and Jesus some grief
or trouble, at least--that will be the last
decent deed I ever do. What a guy.



Someday I'll be dead and my soul will be
free if I have one and I'm not sure if
I do but I guess I'll find out when I
do, do die that is, I mean I'll find out
if I have one but if I don't I won't,
I guess I won't find out anything, I
guess that's what I'll find out.Wouldn't you know?


Gale Acuff, Jenin, Zababdeh, Palestine

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