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Francis Ferde
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Running Cub
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I wish we were swimming in Gulf waters
off the Florida island state park campground.

That water is so calm, so naturally slowly
relaxing. Or perhaps just floating off the
beach near Naples where warm gulf water

is just refreshing early in the morning right
after a light breakfast of bagels with salmon
and cream cheese.  Then I can come over
to the bar which opens about lunch time.

I feel like I can write more easily there
looking out at the canal water just outside
the bar when itís not yet filled with patrons
like in the full summertime heat.

Then, too, I remember wandering the
Hemingway trout streams in the upper
part of the lower peninsula of Michigan,
how I enjoyed casting over, around trunks
and under shaded edges of those streams,

attempting to outsmart wirily trout
which Hemingway also sought to
outsmart in his early and later years
with a bit more success than I had in
college and summer vacation days



Alex Ferde, Ireland


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