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is limited of course

I know I would have 
put my body between theirs
if I could have 

because a moment later I did 

but at the moment when 
the pit bull tore through 
a break in the fence

at that moment 

my 12 year old son
spun away from me 
and ran into the street

the dog after him

and I after both of them
and Daniel slipped 
on the wet maple leaves

and went down and the dog

bit him on the forearm
before I got to both of them
kicking the dog away

and then kicking at him again

and again as he lunged
back snarling 
a mouthful of daggers 

my feet now missing him

every time, the dog 
much quicker than my boots
and I was roaring no 

screaming no idea what

and doors and windows 
were opening all around 
one voice calling

 "Here! This way! Here!"

and Daniel and I kept backing 
from the brutal barking
towards that voice

and the door held open

the dog trying to follow us 
up the steps and the man
throwing a broom at him

giving me time enough 

to push my son through 
to follow him
to slam the door shut

and lean against it

and start to comfort him
one thing fathers can do
even when we can't 

protect from pain.


Laszlo Slomovits
, Ann Arbor, Michigan



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