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The air alive with the songs of cranes,
sharing the story of their travels,
with all who will listen,
some voices at fevered pitch,
preachers voices at an old time revival,
other voices calm and soothing,
peaceful and serene,
like the river itself,
little groups of cranes take flight,
trying desperately to take it all in,
and visit cousins and family,
seen only once a year in the farm fields along the Platte.


the rent due,
a notice in the mail,
electricity shut off in a day or two,
she smiles and tells me,
it will work out,
I shake my head in disbelief,
thinking of asking an advance on my pay,
she starts singing a song,
from the past,
sensing my worry,
her eyes serious,
she stares at me,
it doesn't matter,
wrapping her arms around me,
she squeezes tight,
I fee her heart beat,
and realize,
she is right,
it doesn't matter.

Douglas Polk, Kearney, Nebraska

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