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Neighborhood Report
(Oluwo-nla, 2019)

The Babylon of weed
Has come to my street
The nostrils of the
birds have been taken
captive in their sleep
The lizards will be mad
in their holes
And I, because I have 
the Lord on my side,
shall not stagger,
Except into the
corner of my room



Death does not delete 
        them from us;
Instead it creates space
  that they may fly away
into the innermost of our 
Or I, sink deeper into
       your thoughts, 
       your memory,
And the diary of your


The funeral hymn

mortal life
i see you pass away in the
ring of the organ
your leftover, posterity
drawn long in the faint 
ending of hymn

mortal life
and the sorrow too shall pass
The mournful joys, the joyful 
mourns, encircle constant
drudgery that life is,
within the shortest octave.


Deji Adesoye (HRM), Epe Ekiti, Nigeria




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