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against a cloudless
deep blue sky

ice glittering
on a white birch

in the pale light
of the morning
winter sun

is already
for today


Some Light Coming Through

Standing in the autumn
shallows of Friends Lake

Chelsea Michigan
minnows darting this way

with flick of a tail
that way with a fin

in and out of view
thoughts flitting through

quicker than they
a black snake glides

off the dock and carves
half-infinity ripples

where the lake deepens
how deeply rooted these

ancient words how slow
the mind to still to sink
to the depth of its origins
forgetting this breath

flowing in and out
in its own figure-eight cycle

in which we forget
then remember forget

then remember this
heartbeat these word-clouds

covering the sun moving on
light returning clouds covering

the sun moving on some
light coming through

Laszlo Slomovits, Ann Arbor, Michiga

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