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 Once Upon a Time
 There Were no Flowers
          --after Loren Beseley

The world was once
sheathed only in endless green.
But the bubbling algae, the blind mosses
were filled with intention.
They evolved—twisted
into tiny explosive embryos—seeds.

Carried by mammoths, early horses, aurochs,
the great grazers of the steppes.
Seeds dispersed, roots suckled the earth,
vines were weighted
with possibility—flowers.

When I shake off this mammalian shape,
I want to strip to seed,
lift onto a passing breeze and hitch a ride
into the future on a dusty flank.


Paleontology in Such a Land
--after Loren Eiseley

timeless sandstone
dry waste
and a crack carved

in green twilight
bone gleams
    sand-filled sockets
    a skull

I, too, am a future fossil
carrying former lives
the fern damp
the croakings
the mindless nights
     to the evolutionary tree

now, lifting bones
into light
the hand shakes
as I tag each shard
all, broken reminders
of my own wilderness


 Shutta Crum, Ann Arbor, Michigan




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