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 "See You again"

Seems am leaving me behind
Seems an integral part of me
Looking deep into your eyes
I am more sure of what I felt and feeling

See you again
I will be gone for a moment
I wish you can come with me
But i will see you again

Fonder my heart grows
Sitting in this wagon
Hands glue to my pen
Writing this to you for you

I retrospect on the short memories
The once we had and those yet too
All i could do is smile
My guts are and were right see you again



 Colognes are nice
But she is nicer
Berry look beautiful
But she look more

Words are short
Ideas but words couldn't express
I tried to envisage her
Smiles lock up my face 
Whenever i think of her

Her appearance mesmerizes me
gentle but gracious
Spellbound by her charming smile
Here i stand thinking of her subtly

The way she call out my name 
The sound of her voice is invaluable
I want to stay by her side all day
Just to hear the sounds of her voice 



Solomon Haruna, Kaduna, Nigeria




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