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AAR history note:  in print 1967 - 1980.  Irregular publications 1980 - 2004.  As ezine 2004 - present. Most of 55 years all together....

Francis Ferde, editor
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Running Cub, reader
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Listening to His hunger cries,      
          and tending to His swaddle blowouts
guiding His handsí at the first steps,
          you were there, Mama.

Giving cold cloths for His teething molars,
          and washing of His scraped knees,
making a hot stew for the winter colds,  
          you were there, Mama.

Asking Him for a miracle in Capernaum,
          and listening to His sermons with the crowds,
taking it all to your heart,
          you were there, Mama.

Following His walk to the Golgotha,
          and taking in His disciple as your son,
Rejoicing at the news of His Resurrection
          You were there Mama Mary, and you still are. 


Merry Christmas,  Jesus!

This season of Your birthday,
We sing old Christmas carols
We light four Advent candles,
And gather around the tree.

We buy our loved ones presents
And sit at a family dinner
Sharing and making memories
And eating delicious meals.

Our streets look bright and festive,
Our houses are full of noises.
Sometimes there are moments of sadness
That only Your love can fill.

Happy Birthday,  Jesus
Merry Christmas, Everyone!



Yevgeniya Przhebeksjaya, New Jersey (formerly Russia}



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