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Francis Ferde
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So many flee the northern realms,
forwarding address: Miami Beach
where itís always ninety degrees,
and sun shines even while itís raining.

Here, beach girls smell of coconut oil
as they lie on sandy blankets
with the straps of their bikinis

On South Beach, Ferraris and Lamborghinis
vie for parking outside swanky clubs;
inside, anorexic women in skin-tight dresses
and stiletto heels twerk to Cuban rhythms.

Meanwhile, in Key West,
the tourists drink margaritas,
sing Karoke about a broken flip flop
and pay homage to Papa at Sloppy Joeís.

Snowbirds swear they miss the four seasons
with the scent of spring lilacs
and children licking
mulberry purpled fingers.

Apparently, theyíve forgotten
shoveling out the driveway,
stepping into ankle deep slush,
or March coming in like a lion.

Those who forgo seasonal migrations,
in favor of permanent residence,
invest in license plates
that read: Semi-Native.


First Revelation

While one with mother,
essentials flowed freely
and abundantly.
Never gave it a thought.

Suddenly, lifeís first revelation:
what we want is outside of us
and requires effort to get it.
What a slap on the ass, that was!

Breathe in
breath out
donít stop
not even to sleep.

Take a nap,
wake up, cry for mother,
latch on, suckle, swallow, burp,
then fall back asleep.

And the wanting?
There seems no end to it.
Buddha warned thatíd be
the problem.


Richard Gartee, Gainesville, Florida


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