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small brights

Ice as thin as washi paper covers the three hollows
where last year a wild cloud of cosmos rose from the earth, not on stems but on thick stalks like rope.

Floating heads of fuchsia and white and pink againstan unflighted sky taking its first deep breath in many years.

Have you tipped a dead cosmos flower into the cup
of your hand and shaken out the seeds? What little
slips of life, each one as slender as an eyelash.

The world can change overnight, too. As fast
as the crystal-by-crystal ice that bridges the holes

in the earth made when I pulled the stalks in October,
leaving each gaping den where the roots had nestled for months
to feed that floating city of petal and leaf and sky.

What Iím saying is ice and faded blooms
and overnight and seeds that can vanish from a cupped hand.

Delicate, is what Iím saying. Tenuous light and empty.
Go ahead, is what Iím saying. It took only the heat
of a single fingertip to melt and crack that ice.



Michelle Bailat-Jones, St. Legier, Switzerland



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