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Francis Ferde
Silver Grey Fox
Running Cub
Fred Wolven

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When I managed to fashioned seven poems,
one, two, three, etc, etc… just like that,
I figured 2021 would be a crazy hurry up
spell with lines, images, spewing forth
but so far, boy, was I ever wrong, so far.

Even when reading political bios or fiction
set during the Russian Revolution, while
both are interesting no continuing break
into poetic lines, nor even a rhythmic love

piece, nothing to carry me one on top of
another as I moved nor edged a new age
of my eighty-third year slip-sliding into
only such one, two, three active plus free-
wheeling, wacking wild flowing out on
top of each other my mind and hands
off-loading lines, not even short jaunts

of woodland appreciation portraits or even
some recollections wandering streamside
or fields dotted with countryside fresh
colorful spring-summer flowers like either
Roethke or Frost or even Wordsworth

Spilling forth onto my pages nearly as
rapidly as coal used to pour down the
shoot being dumped from the manned
delivery truck into Grandpa’s black bin.



Fred Wolven, Southeastern Florida


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