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 I don't want to die and go to Hell and

die again and over and over, that's
what my Sunday School teacher swears will hap
-pen if I don't get right with God and then
go to Heaven to be an angel and
play the harp and sing hymns and fly all
around the joint but I tell her I do
those things already, they're my trinity
--if I wanted to I could take lessons
on the harp, mouth or auto- anyway,
and I already sing though not so folks
can hear me during church service and as
for flying there's the local airstrip with
Pipers and Diamonds and even ultra
-lights. And I have a kite. Birds of the air.


 One day I'll be dead and I hope I'm there

to see it, I think that means I'd be still
alive and my only wish after that
I could show folks who are alive
that they're got nothing to fear if I don't
fear it myself, that is, that when you're dead
you're not dead wholly, you're sort of half and
half and they balance each other out, which
isn't quite what they say at church and Sun
-day School but it's pretty damn close and if
that's not Heaven to be body and soul
in the Afterlife as well as Texas
then I don't know what is unless pizza
with half Canadian bacon and half
pepperoni is. Don't deny it's not.

One day I'll die and be glad of it or

maybe not but anyway there I'll be,
nowhere that's a place and I won't come back
and at church and Sunday School it's Heaven
or Hell and they push Heaven but confess
that in either place I'll be eternal
so there's that but of course in Hell I might
suffer though in Heaven maybe it's just
a different sort of suffering, too much
of a good thing and all that, happines
that drives you crazy like prayer meetiing
on Wednesday night at our church--I believe
that most of my brothers and sisters are
out of their minds, speaking in tongues and all
and some even prophesying. Satan.


One day when I'm dead and burning in Hell

or maybe up in Heaven burning, too,
to be even closer to God or be
back down on Earth I'll figure out a way
to escape from wherever I'm dead at
and actually return to this life
that I'm not dead from yet, I'm only 10
and if reality doesn't inter
-fere then I might live to be 100
and the croak naturally but for all
I know I could die tomorrow and I
go to either Heaven or Hell but not
both, at least not at our church, at least
according to the crazy things we be
-lieve which aren't really true and that's the truth.


Everybody has to die sooner or

later and I like later at least in
my case but then again there's the waiting
and I don't like to, don't like to wait for
anything whether good or bad and bad
is even worse so if I die sooner
rather than later there's no more wait
-ing but then again if I never get
born then there's no waiting at all and no
anticipation and I'm not sure what
to call that but I guess I never will
have to, that will be God's problem, I'll be
off the hook, having never been born
and maybe Jesus won't be, either, and
no one led out of Eden. You're welcome.


 Gale Acuff, Jenin, Zababdeh, Palestine


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