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Who writes conversations when she means silence and touch
it would be easier to do this in the language of a swiftlet

little clicks into the darkness
no hedging, no curating

just hide
just seek
here I am, there you are

who writes thank when she means love
it will not ever be easier to do this

each word a replacement

this is just another kind of click
of seek and feel
of winged discussion

and this her stutter, this her flight






the flicker and burst of a streetlamp bulb dying somewhere

out there on the long road


this language will have a temperature scale, I think as I wake, but I cannot get the

room right, cannot see your face anymore


this waking has broken my own thin slip of glass


so I am switching on the bedside lamp and turning my attention to the other rooms, other beds


it is a kind of proof, I think

of course, it is


first the stairs creak, then an owl, then a car starting up in the dark


while I roam in my cold feet with my goosebumps and my careful breath and the sudden fear that comes from the size of my heart at this hour


step inside this broken glass, I will write, step just lightly

here is what I wanted to say all along






Michelle Bailat-Jones, St. Legier, Switzerland



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