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Francis Ferde
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Earth, the stage
Though unrehearsed, yet perfectly acted
Dramatis personae, everyone has a part to play

God sure loves drama, watching every character daily,
Creative playwright, I thought Soyinka knew a lot
Fall of Adam; scene one
Fall of Satan; the last scene

'Man-one's' privilege, Eden, my struggle
Chance wasted, I certainly would do worse
Perhaps ate an extra forbidden fruit

Cast is division; we are all characters with different roles
Role confusion leads to poor acting
If I were a star, I would be the brightest
Now that you are you, are you the best you?

From S.A to U.S.A, greener pastures, wrong setting
It's like Eve being massaged in a Jacuzzi
And Noah riding in a limousine
Or Bill Gates on a tree in Eden

I love drama, I love life and I love my role



A puppet, I was. A drone, I lived
My broad heart fell for her, yet hers never for me
We were friends, close friends, yet we never dated
She needed a companion, just a friend
And my affections were used
Now she has found her love, my time was up
She never cared if I live, she left without goodbye
After all, we never dated



Cuddled by the sufferings of life as if she's never letting go.
Tight embrace from pain, I can feel her innermost warmth.
My head burns as if it is from within the sunrise and set.
Buckets of tears rolled down my cheek,
I do not need a river; it's enough for a bathe.
Scary nightmares make me feel I am the masquerade chief.

'Reject! Reject!' is all that echo in my ears,
A total cast away shunned by the world.
'One legged beast', they mock as I limp across the street.
Tortured by even the mirrors, I can look no more
Poverty stricken, hunger driven, thirst ravaged.
Wish I were a leaf hanging lifeless on a tree.
Each day I wished were the very last,
Suicide is certainly no next move,
What if I become a reject in the afterlife?

Why give birth to me to suffer, oh Mama?
To suffer and die just like you?
Hopes for love left my rejected heart in pieces,
Broken to atoms, it can certainly break no more.
My eyes swollen from tears of betrayal,
I never knew Judas still lived.
'Oh God!' I cried 'why cast me where you casted demons?'
Perhaps I am one, a demon in disguise.

Rejected by the world, even rejected by me
Smile ceased from my face from birth,
Every inch ruled by frowns, hate and loneliness
I can live no more
My death is my everyday plea to God
That should be my birthday present, I never received any

Now am dead, are you all happy now?
Only a smile could have made me live
A hug could have healed my wounds
A kiss could have strengthened me
Yet you gave me none
Now am dead, are you happy now?


Sunday Eyitayo Michael, Kaduna, Nigeria


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